About CrimeSceneInvestigatorEDU.org

Advances in forensic science have changed the way criminal investigations are performed forever. Crime scene investigators and crime lab technicians have tools at their disposal that give detectives the kind of hard evidence needed to make an arrest, and that prosecutors and defense attorneys need to prove a suspect’s guilt or innocence in trial. As many criminal investigations now rely on forensic science, crime scene technicians and forensic scientists have become indispensible components of the criminal justice system.

crimesceneinvestigatorEDU.org was developed in response to the growing demand for skilled lab technicians, criminal investigators and field technicians well versed in forensic science. This free resource is designed for those interested in pursuing careers related to forensic science as they work to determine the best path. From education requirements and certification options to in-service training and salary expectations, crimesceneinvestigatorEDU.org serves as a comprehensive resource for career preparation and advancement.

The staff here at crimesceneinvestigatorEDU.org have worked hard to create a first-of-its-kind resource dedicated to helping would-be forensic professionals prepare for a successful career and encourages visitors to use this resource freely.