CSI Describes Pivotal Evidence During San Antonio Murder Trial

As part of the trial for the brutal stabbing of Ofelia Alcarado, San Antonio Police Department CSI Samatha Wohler recently testified about the crime scene she worked on November 11, 2010.

Wohler described the large amount of blood found throughout the living room. She and fellow investigators searched for the murder weapon, but were unable to find it at the scene of the crime.

Fortunately police had a strong suspect for the murder. Alcarado had spoken to her relatives about unwanted advances by Mario Ramirez that “creeped her out.” Neighbors recounted having seen the suspect’s car parked near the family’s home on numerous occasions in the weeks leading up to the crime.

More chillingly, they described the car being parked there at the time that they heard screams coming from the house. Soon after this, Alcarado’s sister came home and discovered her body in a pool of blood in the kitchen of the family’s home.

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Ramirez agreed to speak with police, but denied being at the crime scene. However, investigators obtained a search warrant for the car and found key evidence that he had committed the crime. The car contained bloody women’s clothing and a large knife covered in blood. It also contained Ramirez’s birth certificate.

This damning evidence led to his arrest for the murder. Ramirez is currently on trial in San Antonio and is expected to testify at some point.

The victim was well-liked, and friends described her as very caring. The manager at the grocery store that Alcarado worked at described her as “a perfect employee.” Fortunately, it looks like the work of San Antonio’s CSIs will help convict this brutal murderer for his crime.