Footprints Tie Aaron Hernandez to Murder Scene

Evidence from crime scene investigators is playing a pivotal role in the prosecution of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. Lieutenant Steven Bennett of the Massachusetts State Police testified on March 18, 2015 how a shoe print found near the body matched that of a sneaker previously worn by Hernandez.

Surveillance video taken minutes after the murder showed Hernandez to be wearing a particular type of Nike sneakers. A Nike Inc. consultant identified them as Nike Air Jordan XI Retro Low shoes.

Crime scene investigators were able to match the crime scene print to one made with the same type of shoe. They found the prints in soft dirt near tire tracks near where Lloyd’s body had been. This key evidence placed Hernandez at the crime scene and further bolstered the prosecution’s case that he is responsible for the murder.

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Investigators found the bullet-ridden body of Odin Lloyd in an industrial park near Hernandez’s house on June 17, 2013. Police arrested Hernandez on June 26 of that year and charged him with first-degree murder along with several counts relating to his possession of a large-capacity firearm without a license or a firearm ID card.

Prosecutors charged two other men who were with Hernandez the night of the murder. Both Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace were arrested two days later for their alleged role in the crime.

Additional evidence against Hernandez included keys to his rental car being found in Lloyd’s pocket and ammunition and clothing in a secret apartment that Hernandez had rented. The most damning evidence is that his DNA was found at the murder scene.

Hernandez faces life in prison if convicted, since Massachusetts does not have the death penalty. He entered a plea of not guilty.