Philadelphia Public School Students Participate in Crime Scene Investigations Internship

Public school students in and around Philadelphia joined the College of Physicians of Philadelphia in commemorating the fifth anniversary of the College’s summer science and technology internship. The Teva Internship Program began in 2009 and was initiated with an emphasis on public health.

Over the last two summers, however, the focus of the program has changed to science and technology, with a particular emphasis on forensics and crime scene investigations. According to Jacqui Bowman, the director of the internship, the program’s ultimate goal is to teach young people about the causes of violence, the logistics of a crime scene and the investigations therein, and the impact of violence on communities.

The students who participated in the internship program were provided valuable insight into all aspects of crime scene investigation. They were given first hand exposure to the methods used by law enforcement officers and forensic scientists for fingerprinting, performing ballistics analysis, DNA testing, and taking soil samples. They also had opportunities to examine the recovery process involved with victims of gun violence as well as emergency room procedures and other crime scene-related endeavors.

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Professional CSIs and forensic science professors from the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the Center for Forensic Science and Education were among the program’s instructors for the 2014 internship.

The program is specifically for students who are interested in pursuing careers in either the healthcare field or in crime scene investigations. Participants worked with educators as well as with video and production professionals to help produce a documentary about the program in conjunction with its overall message of anti-violence.

Each student was interviewed upon completion of the internship with many of them saying that they benefited tremendously from the program because of the wealth of knowledge that it provided as well as the invaluable networking opportunities and increase in self-confidence.