The Comprehensive Crime Scene Kit

According to Forensic Magazine, a comprehensive crime scene kit is an essential part of the crime scene investigator’s job. Although the type of equipment in a crime scene kit ultimately depends on the investigator’s experience and expertise, there are a number of items and supplies that must be a part of any comprehensive crime scene kit.

Although you may purchase crime scene kits that include all of the necessary basic supplies, it is likely that you will need to supplement these kits with a number of other tools and supplies, including:


A fingerprint kit should include a number of powders and brushes as to be able to effectively identify prints on a variety of services. Minimally, a crime scene kit should always include black powder and a fingerprinting brush, although white, gray and silver powders are often useful, as well, as they provide contrast for fingerprints on dark surfaces. If your crime scene kit includes powders of different colors, it is important to include dedicated brushes for each of the colors.

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A magnetic powder, along with a magnetic powder applicator, is also a useful tool in a comprehensive crime scene it, as it may be quite valuable for identifying fingerprints on porous or rough surfaces.

A fluorescent powder (along with a feather brush and a UV light) may be ideal for use on multicolored surfaces that may be hard to ascertain fingerprints with standard fingerprint powder due to the contrast in colors.

Other must-have tools for fingerprinting includes: disposable dust masks; latex gloves; a magnifying glass; white, black and colored backing cards; and lifting tape in a number of sizes.

DNA Collection

DNA collection is an important part of a crime scene kit. There are a number of items that are needed to effectively and properly collect DNA, including: sterile swabs, sterile distilled water, and swab boxes.

Evidence Collection

Necessary evidence collection tools and supplies include: paper bags in a number of sizes; Ziploc bags in a number of sizes; evidence tape; scissors, tweezers, a flashlight, and writing instruments, including markers, pens and pencils.

Diagramming and Photographing Equipment

Photography equipment is a necessity, so including a quality digital camera and a tripod in your crime scene kit is an excellent investment. Diagramming the scene of the crime is vital, as well, so diagramming equipment, such as rulers, scales, tape measures, and graphic paper, must be considered.

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