Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Career Education in Kentucky

Processing crime scenes needs to be done meticulously and with expertise. This is exactly what crime scene investigators do in Kentucky, ensuring that the guilty and innocent both face appropriate justice and bringing closure to the family and friends of violent crimes.

By no means do CSIs have easy jobs; work is often carried out in highly unpleasant circumstances and involves careful examination of brutal, emotionally difficult scenarios. However Kentucky law enforcement agencies hire candidates who possess the most competitive CSI training, education, and certification to ensure jobs in the field go to those who are the most qualified to carry out their duties.

Crime scene investigators in Kentucky work closely with the following agencies:

  • Louisville Metro Police Department
  • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Police
  • Bowling Green Police Department
  • Owensboro Police Department
  • Covington Police Department
  • Kentucky State Police

CSI Training and Schools in Kentucky

One of the most important things candidates can do to prepare themselves for a CSI career in Kentucky is to research their preferred agency’s certification and education standards, some of which may include CSI certification in areas such as:

  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Forensic Photography
  • Forensic Art
  • Ballistics
  • Latent fingerprint analysis

Many CSI jobs also require applicants to have an appropriate degree from colleges and universities located throughout the state as well as online. Two year degrees can help to get a candidate’s foot in the door of a CSI agency and will provide a solid general level of understanding in the field.

Studying for a bachelor certificate is recommended for candidates who see themselves as long-term CSI employees, as these will provide a greater degree of career mobility and opportunities. Common areas of study include:

  • Forensics Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Kentucky CSI Jobs

The Kentucky State Police is one of the largest and most diverse employers of crime scene investigators in the state.  Because of the breadth of specialization the agency provides, CSIs have differing areas of field expertise, with positions including:

  • Forensic Anthropologist: Requires a doctoral degree in physical anthropology with a specialty in forensic anthropology
  • Forensic Artist: Requires a bachelor’s degree and three years of related experience
  • Forensic Biologist: Requires a bachelor’s degree in any of the following:

    • Molecular biology
    • Recombinant genetics
    • Microbiology
    • Biology
    • Medical technology
    • Biochemistry
    • Forensic science with an emphasis in biology

  • Forensic Chemist: Requires a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or forensic science with an emphasis in chemistry
  • Latent Fingerprint Analyst: Requires at least a bachelor’s degree and two years of forensic fingerprint experience
  • Forensic Photographer: Requires three years of field experience and one year of forensic experience
  • Firearms and Toolmark Examiner: Requires a bachelor’s degree in any of the following:

    • Biological, physical, or forensic sciences
    • Criminal justice
    • Mathematics
    • Engineering

Similar requirements exist for CSI specialists employed throughout the many law enforcement agencies of the Bluegrass State, and the process of how to become a crime scene investigator in Kentucky can begin when candidates meet the education, training, and experience requirements.

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