Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Career Education in Hawaii

The collection and examination of evidence at crime scenes where victims are incapable of telling their stories plays an essential role in obtaining convictions against murderers, the perpetrators of vehicular homicides and other unspeakable offenses.

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Across the Aloha State crime scene investigators are working on a daily basis at agencies such as:

  • Honolulu Police Department
  • Maui County Police Department
  • Hawaii Police Department

CSI professionals provide justice to the victims of crimes through the collection, categorization, analysis, and preservation of evidence for use in the investigative and judicial processes.

CSI Career Preparation

As candidates investigate what it takes to become a successful CSI officer or agent they will find that all law enforcement agencies require some form of crime scene investigations training, certification, or degree. The following are what some of the major employers in the state are looking for:

  • Becoming a Police Evidence Specialist with the Honolulu Police Department: This position requires that candidates come from an analytic or research experience background of at least one year plus an education that provides a firm foundation equivalent to a university degree in the following sciences:
    • Physical
    • Biological
    • Forensic

  • The Maui County Police Department requires its evidence specialists to have a similar background, with at least one year of experience of analytical, research, or laboratory work in the chemistry, physics, biology, or related fields, plus a background that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the physical or biological sciences

CSI Degrees and Certification in Hawaii

CSI colleges and schools provide prospective candidates with the education they will need to be able to successfully pursue a career in the crime scene investigations field, with certification and degree programs located online and across the Hawaiian Islands.

CSI certification programs are a good idea for students who want to get a taste of what it is like to work in a field that can involve an up-close view of brutal and chilling crime scenes. These provide an introduction to the crime scene analyst and investigator occupations, with an opportunity for additional training in a particular area, such as:

  • Toxicology
  • Genetics
  • Pathology
  • Phonetics

Candidates who are interested in pursuing a long term career as crime scene investigators and moving to more senior and advanced positions can consider studying for a bachelor’s certificate in any of the following subject areas:

  • Anthropology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Psychiatry
  • Medicine

Recent Cases in Hawaii

In a recent case, the Hawaii Police Department’s Evidence Specialists were called to the scene of a remote forest location where a member of the public had discovered the grisly partial-skeletal remains of a decomposing corpse. Through meticulous examination of the area, crime scene investigators were able to locate the victim’s identification as well as a weapon. The evidence was categorized, labeled, and taken to the crime lab as well as the Hilo Medical Center for further analysis.

CSI specialists work closely with forensic scientists to obtain and preserve the strongest evidence for presentation in court. This is especially true with the Honolulu Police Department’s Scientific Investigation Section, the only full-service forensic lab in the state.

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