Forensics Salary for Lab Technicians and CSIs in Vermont

The primary source of forensic science jobs in Vermont is with the state’s Department of Public Safety’s Forensic Lab.  This lab in Burlington is the state’s only forensic lab and provides services to a wide range of agencies.  Some of the types of professionals that seek the lab’s services include:

  • Police officers
  • Game wardens
  • Attorneys’ investigators
  • Public defenders

Since the Forensic Lab is the only crime lab, it provides a range of services.  Lab technicians perform a wide range of analyses, while other personnel investigate crime scenes.  While crime scene investigators (CSIs) are frequently sworn officers, this lab is staffed entirely by civilians.

Salaries for 2012 are available for some of the crime lab positions.  The following forensic scientist positions can involve either working in the lab as a technician or in the field as a crime scene investigator.  The 2012 annual salary for two of these positions is shown below:

  • Forensic chemist II           $42,411
  • Forensic chemist I            $40,498

Other forensic scientists in this division work entirely in the lab and frequently specialize in particular types of analyses.  2012 salary information was available for the following position:

  • Forensic lab latent print examiner III:  $63,419

Other specialties for forensic scientists include:

  • Toolmark examination
  • DNA analysis
  • Blood pattern analysis
  • Impression analysis