Forensics Salary for Lab Technicians and CSIs in Utah

Utah’s occupational report for forensic science technicians gave a rating of four stars out of a possible five for this type of career.  That indicates that the field is considered to have both a good employment outlook and wages that are relatively high.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Utah had the fifth highest concentration of jobs of any state in 2012.  Salt Lake City had the tenth highest concentration of jobs of any metropolitan area.  Of the 200 forensic scientists employed in the state in 2020, 80% were located in this city.

Information on the 2012 salary levels of forensic scientists in Utah is available from the BLS and is shown below:

Utah City
Median Salary
Salt Lake City

Forensic scientists tend to work either as lab technicians or as investigators in the field.  Utah has two crime labs that provide both types of positions.

Utah’s Department of Public Safety Bureau of Forensic Services has a central lab in Salt Lake City with satellite labs located in Cedar City and Ogden.  The other crime lab in Utah is that of the Utah County’s Sheriff Office.  This Evidence and Forensic Lab is part of the Detective Division of this office.  The lab handles over 80,000 pieces of evidence at a time.

Crime scene investigator (CSI) positions can be filled by either sworn officers or civilians.  The pay range varies greatly depending on the background of the individual being hired.  According to, the average CSI salary in Utah was $45,000 in period from November 2012 to October 2013.

Detailed salary information from the BLS on the forensic science technicians employed in Salt Lake City in 2012 is shown below:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Salt Lake City UT

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