Forensics Salary for Lab Technicians and CSIs in New Hampshire

The amount of forensic science jobs in New Hampshire is expected to grow by 11.9% in the period from 2008 to 2018 according to the state’s Employment Security Job Notes.  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that forty forensic science technicians were employed in New Hampshire in 2012.

BLS salary data indicates that the median salary of a forensic science technician in New Hampshire in 2012 was $63,140, while experienced professionals in the top tenth percent of their field made $74,990 a year on average.

Many of the forensics positions in New Hampshire are with the Crime Lab of New Hampshire’s State Police.  It provides forensic lab services to several hundred police departments in the state, along with numerous other law enforcement agencies.  Nearly 20,000 analyses were requested in 2011.  Some of the services offered by this lab involve the following:

  • Alcohol testing (blood and breath)
  • Controlled substance examinations
  • Digital evidence analysis
  • DNA analysis
  • Firearm/toolmark analysis
  • Latent impression analysis
  • Trace evidence analysis

In addition to working in the lab, forensic scientists also collect evidence at crime scenes and preserve it for analysis.  These types of scientists are known as crime scene investigators (CSIs).

Crime scene investigator positions vary a great deal.  In New Hampshire, many of the CSIs are sworn officers.  Members of the Major Crime Unit for the New Hampshire State Police conduct that agency’s crime scene investigations.

In other cases, civilians perform the functions of a CSI.  One such position offered by the state is a Criminalist V.  This person is the assistant director of the forensic lab and collects evidence from crime scenes.  This position paid $93,251 a year in 2012.