How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator Forensic Scientist in Columbia, Maryland

Given the ubiquitous nature of digital technology, criminal evidence is often digital, rather than physical, and requires specially trained professionals properly handle and process it for analysis. The Columbia, Maryland area is home to many companies that contract with the U.S. military and U.S. government to handle such evidence for them. Law enforcement also is in need of computer forensic/digital forensic analysts to process and interpret such evidence. 

Columbia-based forensic science and crime scene investigator jobs require applicants to have a certificate or degree in a related discipline. In the Columbia area, the following types of educational options are available:

  • Associate of Science in Forensic Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Studies

Job Requirements for Forensic Science and CSI Jobs in Columbia

Forensic science and CSI are broad disciplines with many and varied types of jobs in the Columbia area. Here are just a few examples of forensic science and CSI jobs in Columbia and the surrounding area and the requirements for each job:

  • Computer forensics technician:
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer forensic science or a related field
    • Five years of related experience
  • Media forensic analyst:
    • Five years of experience in computer network theory, media malware analysis and software reverse engineering
  • Computer forensic examiner:
    • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or related field
    • Two years of experience in computer forensics and/or computer systems analysis
  • Crime scene investigator:
    • Bachelor of science in forensic science or a related field
    • Two or more years of experience

Organizations Supporting Forensic Science and CSI Jobs in Columbia

Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division – Located in Pikesville, approximately 20 miles from Columbia, the MSP Forensic Sciences Division has two branches:

  • Scientific Analysis Branch – which houses:
    • Trace Evidence Section – includes specialists in Questioned Documents and Trace Evidence
    • Pattern Evidence Section – includes specialists in Firearms/Toolmarks and Latent Prints/Impressions
    • Chemistry Section –includes Toxicologists and CDS Unit Specialists
    • Biology Section – includes the Casework, Technical and Database Units
  • Operational Services Branch- which houses:
    • Crime Scene Section- Forensic science and CSI jobs here include Crime Scene Technician and Crime Scene Technician Supervisor
    • Photography Unit- Forensic Photographer is the main job here, along with Forensic Photographer Supervisor
    • Central Receiving Unit- Administrative Officers and Inventory Control Specialists staff this unit
    • Administrative Support Unit- Administrative Specialists, Research Statisticians and Quality Assurance Specialists are the forensic science CSI jobs found here

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory – Located in Columbia, this laboratory works with law enforcement and national defense organizations to solve national security problems and advance research in defense and space science. Analysts, operators and engineers are just a few of the job titles here.