Forensics Salary for Lab Technicians and CSIs in Colorado

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicated that the 260 forensic science technicians employed in Colorado in 2012 made an average annual salary of $58,350.  Experienced professionals in the top tenth percent of their field earned $77,820 on average.

The field of forensics is growing in Colorado.  The availability of forensic scientist jobs is expected to increase by 2.3% a year in the ten year period leading up to 2022 according to Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment.

This agency provided the average annual salary of forensic science technicians in 2012 in several metropolitan statistical areas of Colorado.  Wages varied greatly in different areas:

  • Boulder:  $55,736
  • Colorado Springs:  $33,415
  • Fort Collins:  $60,188

While many forensic science technicians work in the lab, others work in the field meticulously documenting crime scene evidence.  There are a diverse number of crime scene investigator (CSI) jobs.  Some of these professionals document all of the evidence at crime scenes, while others specialize in things like the analysis of fingerprints or blood pattern sprays.

While a number of CSIs are sworn officers with forensic training, other CSI jobs are for civilians with positions such as lab technicians or crime scene technicians.  Some of the CSI salaries in Colorado are available from state agencies.  In Colorado Springs, the 2012 salary for a crime scene technician averaged $52,320 a year.

The state of Colorado has a range of salaries for fingerprint examiners, depending on their level of experience.  The range of annual salaries for various positions is listed below:

Level of Experience
Fingerprint examiner I
Fingerprint examiner III

The BLS provides a detailed breakdown of annual and hourly forensic scientist jobs by percentile for Colorado Springs.  It is shown in the table below:

Area name
Annual mean wage
Colorado Springs CO
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield CO
Estimate not released

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